Republican Senate Candidates Call Out Democrat Conference For Opposing Police Package

The four Republican candidates running to represent Suffolk County in the New York State Senate today joined together to show their unwavering support for law enforcement and to call on Democrats in the State Senate to back the blue. Anthony Palumbo (1st Senate District), Mario Mattera (2nd Senate District), Alexis Weik (3rd Senate District) and Ed Smyth (5th Senate District) were angered that New York State Democrats just this week unanimously rejected a package of legislation put forth by the Senate Republican Conference that would have protected police officers across the state.

The “Protect Those Who Protect Us” package, which is endorsed by the New York State Sheriff’s Association as well as most other law enforcement organizations, would:

  • increase penalties for assaulting a police officer,

  • resisting arrest and failing to retreat, and

  • make any crime committed against a police officer because of their status a hate crime.

It would also create a $500,000 disability and death benefit for police officers killed or seriously injured in the line of duty.

Each of the candidates expressed their support for the package while also calling on elected officials and all running for public office to publicly stand up for police officers throughout New York State.

Ed Smyth adding, “This law would have let officers know that their state supports them. It sends a clear message to all New Yorkers that public safety is still a priority. Instead, every single Senate Democrat, including my opponent, sat silently as their New York City-led conference, yet again, failed to support the police. It is a shame that those who were elected to represent Long Island are adhering to party lines and it is time for them to either speak up for our community or move aside. The Democrats Party unnecessarily endangers New Yorkers when they turn their backs on police.”

Smyth is the 5th Senate District’s Republican, Conservative, and Independence nominee.

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