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We must immediately repeal the so-called “bail reform” that Senate
Democrats passed, which puts violent felons back on the streets.

We must also reinstate “50-A,” which protects the men and women of law enforcement, fire, and first responders from frivolous attacks that can destroy their careers.

Ed supports fully funded police departments.

Ed has received the endorsement of 24 police unions across the
State, including the Suffolk PBA, Nassau PBA, Glen Cove City PBA, and New York City PBA.


We must fully fund education to our Long Island schools. Under Senate Democrats, Long Island education funding was held flat, where under a Senate Republican Majority, Long Island received record increases in state aid.

While our schools failed to see increases, Jim Gaughran and Senate Democrats voted to give Yonkers CSD an additional $12 million in 2019 and 2020!


Senate Democrats got rid of our property tax rebate checks. That is
unacceptable. Enacted in 2015, the State has issued rebate checks
annually totaling $212 million in Suffolk and $201 million in Nassau. The
average check to homeowners was $726 in Nassau and $658 in Suffolk.
Democrats failed to continue these checks.

Senate Democrats kicked Amazon out of New York. Amazon would have brought 25,000 high-paying jobs to Long Island, and Senate Democrats prevented Amazon from opening its new global headquarters here.

Ed will advance policies that recruit businesses to Long Island and
make it easier for small businesses to grow and expand here.


Ed is a strong proponent of term limits for all elected officials, leading the charge in the Town of Huntington in his first term to impose term limits on Town officials.